Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Kelong Paradise @ Sabak Bernam

This Kelong is built with concrete structures and is deemed safe to all anglers. Even during the rainy season when waves are up to 2 meters. There are 99 pylons supporting the structure beneath sea level of approximately 20 meters. Apparently the investment to create this place is worth 9 million over Malaysia Ringgit. That's a big cost. But that's what suggests a very high rate for embarking and fishing on this concrete Kelong of two levels. It just looks like a huge bungalow in the middle of the sea.

It cost RM 158/- per person excluding accommodation. The price increases to Rm 198 on weekends and peak holidays.  The rooms here are an additional cost of RM 280 or more depending on its size. There are even rooms which can fit a whole team of anglers up to 12 people. Most people just pay the embarking fee and sleep the night on the lower deck whilst the fish.

Needn't I say more, if you want more info on how to get there and make reservations, just log on to Kelong Paradise (temporarily unavailable in 2012) or call Linda at +60175562922.

For bait, I'd strongly suggest you get a hold of some live mullets or 'ikan belanak' and live prawns. You can order them from the village fishermen at the jetty before disembarking to the Kelong or alternatively you can order them when you make the call to the Kelong for your reservations. Make sure you make the reservation a few days in advance.

The most famous target species here are stingrays. They can sometimes weight up to 20 plus kilograms. Surf-casting is a must. The suggested method is to be able to cast your bait out as far as possible where the rays are lurking beneath the seabed. Be sure to bring long rods of 9 ft. and above. Cast your line out on the upper level.

The best bait for stingrays here are squid. Some anglers catch these squid at night using nets. You can also find small mullets (ikan belanak) swimming around so bring along those sabiki/apollo jigs. These make good bait for another popular catch here,which is the Yellow Threadfin Salmon. Although some may suggest that live prawns aren't that effective here, I would say just try them. You'll never know when a snapper or a grouper might just be lurking under those pylons.

Other fish species are like the Bramidae or Ikan Telinga Gajah , Grouper, Snapper and Barramundi just to name a few.

A trip worth making if your into Kelong fishing here in Malaysia. A bit rough on the pocket but just a meer satisfaction of seing one of these Kelongs is really a hype in our country. We would strongly suggest this trip.

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