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Kelong Fishing @ Kelong Greenway Pulau Ketam (Crab Island)

Kelong Greenway is situated off Pulau Ketam, Selangor. Pulau Ketam is easily accessible by ferry/speedboat from Port Klang's South Port jetty.  It is approximately 40 km from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. The best way to get there is through the Federal Highway route. The drive there takes about one hours through Petaling Jaya-Subang-Shah Alam-Klang-Port Klang-South Port.  The journey by ferry takes approximately half an hour long to the main jetty of Pulau Ketam. You can choose the speedboat ferry service which costs RM 7.00 per way but please remember, the ferry service halts at 6 pm so you have to plan your trip early. If you a driving there, there is ample space in the car-park at South Port jetty where you can park your car overnight for a cost of RM 6.00 only. There will be caretakers who take care of the car-park 24/7.


Upon arrival at Pulau Ketam jetty, you may want to make some last minute shopping at Pulau Ketam's main terminal for some food and beverage supplies. The Kelong does not offer food so you'll have to bring your own. If you wish to cook, there is cooking facilities and also Bar-B-Que pits. You can even have a BBQ party with your fellow anglers, but bring your own coal. Don't bother about ice. They give you a supply of grated ice at the Kelong absolutely free.
There is a care-taker there to attend to all your

needs. Next you will be transported from Pulau Ketam Jetty to the Kelong which is another boat ride which takes approximately 15 minutes away. Enjoy the ride through mangrove terrain and before you know it, you'll see the 'Kelong' on the horizon. You will notice many sea cages around the area catering to ever so norm commercial fish farm business. You will be amazed with what one can offer for such a sight-seeing experience.

This 'Kelong' has a very unique design. It is built floating on the sea surface. It is structured with wooden planks paved onto plastic barrels which act as floaters. The floating rig is strung up together creating a big platform. It is then anchored into the sea bed with all for corners wedge beneath the sea. Usually they are vastly located along or in between island clusters like that which exists in the Pulau Ketam area. Most of them are Aquaculture fisheries and this one caters to an enthusiastic angler wanting to try his luck at this very spot. Equipped with rod holders and holding tanks too.

It will cost you RM 60.00 per night per adult and RM30.00 for children ages 6 to 12. The kelong operates 24 hours. The check in time is from 12 pm (check-in) till 12 pm (check-out) the next day. If you wish, you can extend your stay till 4 pm the next day for an added RM 10.00 per person. That's if you've checked-in late and wish to have a few more extra hours on deck. They also provide rooms depending on the size of your group.


The seas have very strong currents between low and high tides here. I would suggest bottom fishing mostly. Most fish will swim close to the bottom when the currents are strong so bare this is mind. Don't waste time on jigs and poppers as the water gets very murky at times especially during low tide. Visibility is next to none for the fish in this area. Use heavy weights and prepare with these guidelines in mind.

 Use the 'ranggong' method 
Ranggong rigs are used in bottom fishing from boat, especially during night time or when current is very strong. The uniqueness of this rig is its ultra long hook line and a spreader is a must to prevent this long hook line from entangling with the main line when it is lowered to the bottom. This rig is often coupled with a heavy set of tackles for targeting big fishes.

  •   Rod: Medium-Heavy (15-30lb) PE.3,4,5 
  • Reels: Manual multiplier reel 5000 and above
  • 50-100 lb. main line (mono or braided)
  • Ranggong Rigs size 8"-12"
  • Metal shock leader    
  • 40-80 lb. mono/fluorocarbon leader (1 to 2 meters in length) from your terminal tackle. 
  • Sinkers size 8-12-18-24.
  • Hooks size 6/12
  • Dead bait - mainly fresh prawns, squid, sardines and small mackerel will do the trick. 
  • Live bait - like prawns is also a plus factor so try them out. Big sized prawns as there are schools of Snappers beneath from time to time waiting for the right time to attack your bait. 
 Be patient for the time between tides and the current has relapsed. That's the best time. Check the tide tables as well. It will give you a timing of when to be active fishing most. Higher tide means bigger fish are lurking beneath more volume and depth of water.

Target fish species:

Snapper, Red (Merah)
Snapper, Golden (Jenahak/Tanda)
Grouper (Kerapu)
Threadfin Salmon (Senangin)
Sea Catfish (Ikan Sembilang)
Jewfish (Ikan Gelama)


With the right frame of mind, you won't regret a trip to this popular spot among Malaysian anglers. Families and even children can get together for a holiday outings and hold activities like moonlight bar-b-cues and such. A feeling of true comfort unlike one on a boat trip. We'd strongly suggest this trip if your not in for traveling long distance.


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